As i said. I dont have too much time for loliconjav, because i have lot of work with
Also files disappears, banned accounts by copyright, trolls reports. This everything forces on me to change policy.
There is a change to reanimate site, but only in one way. Site will be only FOR PREMIUM users.

– No, if you bought premium on cosplayjav you will not get premium on loliconjav. You think i need more job for free?
– premium monthy will be FUCKING EXPENSIVE! It will be big, huge….1$ its 100 cents!
– Stuff probably will be uploaded only on video online hosting, BUT without any ads and fast host. Probably videos will be not converted, so you can just download video online with original quality.

i will pay my webdeveloper in december, january so to this time you need to be patient.

Patch 2.1 Whats new?

Today we implement patch 2.1

– Adding post to wishlist have option to choice what your post will contain. Videos, imageset, both.
– Fixed adblock massage.
– Now when user dont put any information like series, character, alternative titlem fields will add automatic information
(tagme character, tagme series, tagme actress).
– Information after adding post to wishlist about post pending and redirection to mainpage after 5 sec.
– torrent button, alternative hosting button. Now posts that contain alternative mirrors will have seperated buttons.
So soon i will remove posts that contain torrent in part3, part4 etc.
– Some security changes to effectively block ddos, brute force attacks etc.
– ADVANCED SEARCH. In advanced search you can search tags by special commands (and only by this commands).
READ SEARCH FAQ, because you can use only commands in advanced search.
– Searching by categories
– sorting by newest and oldest posts.
– some modification in my moderation panel.

– fixed small misstake with information about password