Today we implement patch 2.1

– Adding post to wishlist have option to choice what your post will contain. Videos, imageset, both.
– Fixed adblock massage.
– Now when user dont put any information like series, character, alternative titlem fields will add automatic information
(tagme character, tagme series, tagme actress).
– Information after adding post to wishlist about post pending and redirection to mainpage after 5 sec.
– torrent button, alternative hosting button. Now posts that contain alternative mirrors will have seperated buttons.
So soon i will remove posts that contain torrent in part3, part4 etc.
– Some security changes to effectively block ddos, brute force attacks etc.
– ADVANCED SEARCH. In advanced search you can search tags by special commands (and only by this commands).
READ SEARCH FAQ, because you can use only commands in advanced search.
– Searching by categories
– sorting by newest and oldest posts.
– some modification in my moderation panel.

– fixed small misstake with information about password


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