As i said. I dont have too much time for loliconjav, because i have lot of work with
Also files disappears, banned accounts by copyright, trolls reports. This everything forces on me to change policy.
There is a change to reanimate site, but only in one way. Site will be only FOR PREMIUM users.

– No, if you bought premium on cosplayjav you will not get premium on loliconjav. You think i need more job for free?
– premium monthy will be FUCKING EXPENSIVE! It will be big, huge….1$ its 100 cents!
– Stuff probably will be uploaded only on video online hosting, BUT without any ads and fast host. Probably videos will be not converted, so you can just download video online with original quality.

i will pay my webdeveloper in december, january so to this time you need to be patient.




(anon) 3 December 2016 02:25

I am SenpaiTheHentai on cosplayjavpl

I’ve been a premium member on that site for many months now and I Was a part of the premium beta.

Paying for subscription on this site also is a bit meh to me depending on whether or not thumbnails / previews will be provided first so we know what we are getting. With cosplayjavpl we can view thumbnail in premium section before we buy. I’d like the same opportunity on here before I purchase.

How many videos do you plan on releasing each day?

will this site being inactive for so long, people must have sent you many videos so will you upload a lot in one day or just one or two?



(administrator) 3 December 2016 18:27

– same system like on Thumbnails will be visible for everyone.
– dunno. I dont really know who in the end will administrate this site, so i dont know how many videos will be uploaded daily.



(anon) 3 December 2016 02:27

I’m the same user as above:

I’d also like to see A LOT MORE imagesets. Videos are nice but imagesets are even nicer.

please consider it, thanks



(anon) 10 March 2017 12:41

This is an awesome site, please keep update the videos. You’re great!!



(anon) 9 January 2018 02:15

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